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2014 Robo-Cross (States Only)

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VA ModificationsStates only
Eye ProtectionNone
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Teams will design and build a robot capable of performing certain tasks on a prescribed playing field.

Building Event Policies

Event Rules

In the National Event Handbook, received upon registration.



During our State tournament, we will enforce clarifications issued by BOTH the National organization and by VASO. In the rare instance that these clarifications are in conflict, VASO clarifications shall prevail over the National clarifications.

For the State tournament, the last day to submit clarification requests is Mar 10. VASO will post outstanding clarification responses for States by midnight 3/12/14. Also, we will NOT enforce any National clarifications for States that were issued after 3/12/14.

National Clarifications

Check both Official Rule Clarifications and National Robo-Cross Clarifications for national clarifications pertaining to this event.

VASO Clarifications

March 12, 2014
General Construction - Students may not use parts manufactured by a 3D printer as part of their devices.
November 23, 2013
Rule 5.f.iii - Any part of the Robot or Bonus Jug that is Out of Bounds. Out of Bounds is defined as touching the floor anything outside of the Playing Field
November 23, 2013
Rule 5.f.iv - The team touches the Robot (excluding control wires), playing field, or any object on the playing field
November 23, 2013
Delete Rule - A team member steps on the playing field after the team has received a warning
September 9, 2013
Impound - Although Nationals does not specify this as an impound event, it WILL be an impound event in VASO tournaments.